What is the benefit of a Platemate product?

de Sam van Coeverden em April 06, 2022

What is a Platemate product?

The products of Platemate are all designed to store preprepared plates. The Platemate products differ in size and use. The main purpose is all the same, but some models are bigger than others and therefore can be used in different circumstances. The bigger models, such as the Collapsible, Standard, Twin, Heavy Duty and the bigger sizes of the Table and Wall models can be used for bigger capacities and more plates. The smaller models, such as the Table models and the Wall models can be used for smaller capacities and smaller kitchens. All the models can be stored anywhere you want, even in a refrigerator or hotbox, and can be moved easily.

For what can you use a Platemate?

As mentioned before the products of Platemate are designed to store your preprepared plates. The main goal of the Platemate is to make your Mise and Place more effective and efficient. The Mise and Place on your preprepared plates can be stored in the Platemate, in order to put your mise and place in the fridge or hotbox for later use. In this way you will save space and time by clearing up your workplace, transporting your mise and place easily and increasing the efficiency in your kitchen. Do you have all different kinds of plate sizes? That is no problem at all! Every column can be adjusted by turning the top buttons of the Platemate, to make your plates fit just right.  


What is the benefit of a Platemate?

The benefit of the Platemate is that you can store your mise and place easily without taking much time. You will have a clear working space and can take out the Platemate when you are ready to serve your plates. When not making use of the Platemate, you can store it wherever you like, and the collapsible models can even be collapsed and hung on the wall if that is something you prefer.

Another more sustainable benefit of the Platemate products is that the models have an economic lifetime of around 10 years with good maintenance. If during this time something breaks or needs to be replaced, we offer the possibility to buy spare parts. In this way, you can extend the lifetime of your product even more.

Why should you have one?

Whether you have a small or big kitchen, work with buffets or something else, we offer different kinds of models that might fit your need. You will save space in your kitchen but also in your refrigerator or hotbox by using our smart storing technique, and you will save time by making your kitchen more effective and efficient.


How to buy one!

In case you are a dealer, you can buy our products with your account. If you don’t have an account yet, please contact us. In case you are not one of our dealers, but you are in reselling or wholesale you can submit a request to become one of our dealers at the login. If you own a restaurant, catering, or something else and you would like to buy a Platemate for your use, please take a look at our dealer’s page and search for a dealer nearby. You can contact this dealer and buy your Platemate there!


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