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How it works

The internationally patented PLATE MATE system allows any type of plate or bowl – round, square, rectangular, or oval up to 5 cm deep and 42 am in width. Its grip is extremely secure and minimizes the chance of breakage. It is simple to adjust by hand. There are four adjustable buttons at the top of the Platemate. When turning these buttons, you can adjust the distance between the red and black support caps so that you can place four different types of plates or bowls in your Platemate all at the same time. This makes the usage of the Platemate even more effective and efficient.

Efficiency and effectiveness

You can quickly and easily store many plates with prepared or semi-prepared products in a small space, making it simple to store the Platemate in a refrigerator or hotbox. Afterwards, you serve your pre-prepared plates directly from the PLATE MATE, saving a lot of time and making the work more pleasant.

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