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About us

The Platemate is an international patented product owned by Horena Trading Holland B.V. More than 30 years ago the idea for this product came to life, to solve the shortage of space in kitchens in an effective way. The innovators behind the products have worked in hospitality kitchens themselves and experienced a shortage of time and space, because of which they innovated the solution.

Our product

Platemate offers the solution to the shortage of space for the mise and place within kitchens and refrigerators. Kitchens have become smaller and the busy periods within the hospitality make it even harder to work and store things efficiently and effectively. Platemate created the possibility to store all kinds of sizes, big or small and in the end solve all your mise and place problems.

"Together we want to create an effective and efficient way of working, to make it easier and more fun, that is what we stand for. Quality is of biggest importance."
Buying a Platemate

The Platemate products are being sold via our dealers. Our dealers are based worldwide which creates the possibility to offer our products from all over the world. Our dealers are the only ones selling our products and that is where you can go when you want to buy our products. Our dealers can be found on our dealer’s page.