How you (as a consumer) can buy a Platemate product

de Sam van Coeverden em May 04, 2022

You might already know that we are taking part in Business-to-Business activities. This means that we are only selling our products to wholesalers and retailers and not directly to the end consumer.

However, there is another option to get your hands on our products. On our website, we have a Dealers list page. On this page, you will find a search engine which you can use to search for our dealers worldwide. By filling in your address, the search engine will show you dealers that are nearby you. In this way, you can filter out the dealers that have your preference.

Dealers list page


When you have located a dealer where you would like to buy one of our products, you can contact them by the shown contact information.

From this moment on you can proceed with the buying process via that dealer.


What is the benefit of a Platemate product?

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